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Celebrity Videos

- Bill Clinton Freaks Out
Bill Clinton starts to freak out and get aggressive during a Fox News interview.

- Matt Damon Gets Pissed at Jimmy Kimmel
During a taping of the JK Show, Matt Damon goes crazy and storms out.

- Norm McDonald on Steve Irwin's Death
While on The Daily Show, Norm McDonald makes light of Irwin's death.

- The New Numa Numa Video
Internet celebrity Gary Brolsma creates a new music video.

- Hey YouTube! XOXO Paris
Paris Hilton gets her own YouTube channel and says hello to her fans.

- Britney Spears Acting Stoned
That dumb video of Britney and Kevin just talking nonsense.

- Michael Jackson Transformation
A video transformation of Michael Jackson photos over the years!

- Jim Carrey in "Lair Lair"
Unable to tell a lie, Jim Carrey tells a young lady why everyone is being so nice.

- Tyra Banks Wears $10 Million Bra
Fancy lingerie... but how many children could have been fed for $10 million!

- Sarah Silverman Disses Paris
While at the MTV VMA Sarah decides to tell Paris how she really feels.

- Jaime Fox Owns New Comedian
Some new comedian gets destroyed by Jaime Fox.

- Britney Spears' Boobs
Funny SNL skit based on Britney's boobs being fake.

- Jessica Simpson's A Public Affair Video
The new hit music video from Jessica and starring many of her celebrity friends.

- Mariah Carey on MTV Cribs
It's sickening just how much money this diva has and how she lives.

- Ashlee Simpson's New Nose
David Spade makes note of Ashlee's new nose and what people think.

- Paris Hilton Sings Happy Birthday
A special birthday song to Mr. Hugh Hefner.

- Nick Lachey Clix Commercial
How many clicks would you get? Nick adds up his daily hits.

- Jessica Simpson on That 70s Show
The guys fantasize about what's going on over at the girl's pajama party.

- Jim Carrey Kissing Alicia Silverstone
Is there a better way to celebrate your new VMA Award, then kissing Alicia Silverstone?

- Miss MySpace Tila Tequila
Interview with the Most Famous Friend on MySpace.

- Eva Longoria Presenting at MTV Awards
Despite a hurricane, Eva Longoria still gets to wear her bathing suit.

- Cameron Diaz & Christina Applegate on Aging
A very funny clip from "The Sweetest Thing" when both gals compare bodies and aging.

- Britney Spears Being Drunk All Day
A video of Britney being followed around all day, showing that she was clearly drunk.

- Britney Spears Baby Drop
Britney should care as much about her baby, as your glass of wine.

- Tyra Banks Removes Her Bra
During a taping of her show, Tyra removes her own bra for the audience.

- Tom Green the Weatherman
When invited to Fox New, Tom decides to make the most of the situation.

- Tom Cruise on Oprah
That wonderful episode of Oprah where Tom flips out and jumps on the couch.

- Britney Spears' Breakdown
The moment we were all waiting for during her interview with Matt Lauer.

- Britney and Madonna Kiss
The performance that got everyone talking. Poor Christina never got the attention.

- Kelly Clarkson Performing at MTV VMA 2005
The perfect performance to close out the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.

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