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Funny Videos

- Karate Baby
This is just ridiculously funny and cute.

- Korean Leader Loses his Teeth
During a speech this Korean leader wishes he had better denture cream.

- Spiderman Parody
Jack Black does a Spiderman parody with Sarah Michelle Gellar..

- Webcam Chat
Let the truth be told, the web cam will reveal your secrets.

- Drive by Farting
A ridiculously funny prank gets captured on live tv.

- Scaring People Compilation
Nothing better than a collection of people getting the crap scared out of them.

- Evolution of Dance
A comedy sketch featuring just music and dancing from over the past 20 years.

- Falling Karate Master
This guy was doomed from the start. Watch his fiasco.

- Doggy Style
Once this girl realizes what going on, she flips out.

- Fun in the Sun Bloopers
A wet, sunny and funny collection of bloopers.

- Kangaroo Playing with Himself
During a video taping, a kangaroo decides to have some fun.

- America's Funniest Girls
A compilation of the funniest videos involving girls.

- The Phone Call
Tricky kids. Having a good time with the guys.

- Worst Wedding Moments
It's their big day... but its a hilarious video collection to us.

- Fat Kid Gets Hit with Paintballs
This is pretty mean... but not as mean as it is funny.

- Magician Dressed Up as an Old Man
One of the funniest pranks seen. Watch the people on the train as he falls.

- Sleepy Smile
Very cute boy can't decide whether he is sleeping or smiling.

Disclaimer: This is an entertainment/video resource web site. is a collection of free images and videos that have been indexed, submitted and published free to our web site. claims no ownership or affiliation with any videos or videos sources on this web site. If you find a video that should be removed from our site, please contact us directly and the video will be removed immediately.

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